The Kirk/Spock Slash Convention

Art show / auction

A virtual con means a virtual art show, but we want it to be as glorious as in person. This fandom is rich in talent and creativity, and we hope to showcase a great variety at KiScon 2022.

This year's art show will be presented via a slideshow vid that will be accessible all throughout the convention weekend, much like an exhibition in the Rec Room. You can submit both digital art and traditional art (paintings, drawings/prints, but also three-dimensional artworks like sculptures, amigurumi, fibre craft, jewellery etc.); the latter needs to be either scanned or photographed. The show itself is purely digital and welcomes pieces from all K/S fans, not only registered con attendees.

Please submit your artworks or the scans/photos of your artworks via this form. Deadline: 1 October 2022.

Good-quality files in jpg or png format (300 dpi) are recommended. Please include your exact artist name and the title of your works, plus any kind of information (e.g. medium, year of creation) that you would like us to mention. The artworks do not need to have been created for the convention, but can be as old or new as they come. 

If you would like to not only show your art but also offer it for sale in the auction, please make sure to tell us for each artwork you submit and include the starting bid. In the case of digital art, the winning bid will then get a very high-res file of the work (to set it apart from the version featured in the vid and auction catalogue). In the case of traditional art, you will send it to the buyer in its physical form. The online format of KiScon 2022 does not make it possible for us to organise the actual exchange of money for art; it would not be feasible for us to store the physical artworks and send them across the globe to the winning bidders. This is also why we will not take any commission this year!

We'll gladly help buyers and artists to keep track of all purchases and match you up with contact details, and we will keep a watchful eye on the process to ensure fairness and accountability, but each buyer is ultimately responsible for transferring the money to the artist, and each artist for making sure the artwork gets safely delivered to the buyer

If you would like to dedicate one of your auctioned artworks or a percentage of it to this year's charity (to be voted on during the con), to the support of KiScon itself, or to Ukraine, please let us know at the time of submitting the artwork.

Artworks submitted by their artists for auction will not only be in the art show vid, but also featured in an auction catalogue / gallery that will be part of the digital goodie bag each con attendee receives via Conline.

Should you want to offer an artwork or item in the auction that you have not created yourself, for example something that you once bought for your collection but now would like to send to a good new home, then it will only be featured in the auction catalogue / gallery, not in the slideshow vid, as we cannot ascertain the permission of the artist.

For any and all questions regarding the art show and auction, please get in touch with us at artshow @ kiscon . org.

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