The Kirk/Spock Slash Convention


Which tropes are your all-time favourite? How has the portrayal of the K/S relationship changed over the years? What is the future of K/S fandom? Explore these topics and many more in our panels and discussions!

Vid show & competition

Classics or postmodern masterpieces - we have them all. Rewatch long forgotten songvids from the VCR era, discover new creations from all over the globe, sing along, and pick the winner of our vid contest.

Art show & auction

Enjoy the best of K/S fanart, both traditional and CGA. We will both feature a digital art show and a classic exhibition. Show us your gold-plated latinum and take a piece of art home with you!


Put on your awesome costumes or uniforms at our Saturday night banquet and win a prize. Cosplay is also welcome all weekend long. Or show off your fabulous K/S and Trek tees.


Know your Trek trivia and take part in our pub quiz. Play a few rounds of Cards against Humanity - the K/S version.


Writing, vidding, crafting - don't be shy and get creative! Learn how to vid, discuss art techniques. And what would a KiScon be without its round-robin fics?

And that's just a small preview...

The complete programme will be published closer to the event. Members will have the opportunity to suggest activities and vote on their favourite panels etc.

To give you an idea what to expect at KiScon, have a look at the program booklet of KiScon 2019 (pdf).
Get involved

Would you love to get even more involved by moderating a panel, preparing a workshop, or leading an activity? Volunteers have a long tradition at KiScon and are the heart and soul of the convention. Get in touch with us; we look forward to hearing your ideas!