The Kirk/Spock Slash Convention

What started as small house parties in the 1980s, has evolved into the largest K/S convention. Fans from all over the globe, young and old, newbies and seasoned Trekkers, come together to take part in a weekend of slashy goodness. If you’d like to find out more about KiScon’s rich history, check out this Fanlore article.

For 2019, the baton has been passed on to us. We feel happy and honoured to carry on with the tradition and will do our best to provide you with a great convention experience!

Meet the concom:

Judy Suryan
A Star Trek fan for decades and well-experienced in the organisation of conventions. Judy was part of Norwescon’s concom for many years. In 2015 she chaired, together with Amanda Warrington, her first and very successful KiScon. After some gentle prodding (read: shameless begging and strong-arming) by fellow fans, she was persuaded to bring Kirk and Spock back to Seattle for 2019.
Dragon lover, legendary provider of food (seriously, her hospitality room deserved a medal), and wrangler of finances and logistics.

Con-chair, vidshow curator 
Vidder, writer, cosplayer, librarian for the European branch of the K/S Fanzine Library. T’Lara has been organising fanvid shows for several years, both at conventions and in the virtual living room of her Livestream channel. When she’s not swooning over Kirk and Spock, she fawns about cannibalistic murder husbands (Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, not the real thing).
Defender of the glorious cuppa, she will make sure there’s always *real* tea in the mess room.

Nonprofit organizer, fundraising cheerleader, PR
Trekker has been involved in many nonprofit organizations. In love with Star Trek since being half-grown, she is now fully grown and still loves Star Trek. She reads dead tree books and lurks online but like many fans, she has a WIP in notebooks and on her hard drive…
Her expertise in delicious booze easily rivals McCoy’s and Scotty’s.

Our wonderful crew and miracle workers:
KiScon logo design: arminaa
Webmasters: T'Lara (website), 1lostone (Tumblr blog)
Registrations: Linda
Zine editor: Holly
Art show & auction: Liz