The K/S Slash Convention returns to Seattle... and to your computer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KiScon?

KiScon is a not-for-profit convention for fans of the Kirk/Spock slash relationship. Because of the nature of this fandom, members must be a minimum of 18 years of age to attend. It is staffed completely by volunteers. Membership fees, and money raised from raffle ticket sales, art auction fees, and donated art sales go towards running the convention, with any remainder being split between a) saving towards the run of the next convention, b) giving to a charity nominated by members at the convention.

Who is running KiScon?

KiScon is run entirely by fans, for fans. The committee is made up of people who read, write, draw, and vid K/S. In 2024 the committee consists of:

Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara) – con-chair; vid show curator
starshiplillian – con-chair; Registrations, Logistics & Communications.
Trekker – PR, wrangler of Finances
Linda – Communications, PR, main admin of the KiScon Facebook group
1lostone – Tech expert, PR

Plus a crew of several volunteers and miracle workers (zine, art show, panels, moderators).

When/where is KiScon?

KiScon 2024 will be a hybrid convention, combining the in-person event at the hotel with a virtual programming track to include the best of both worlds.

It will take place at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center, during the weekend of November 1–3, 2024. More information on the venue will follow soon.

How can I register for KiScon 2024?

You can sign up for KiScon 2024 directly on Conline.

Please note: registration is a 2-step process: 1) click “Join” to enter the KiScon area on Conline, then 2) click “Registration” to sign up for our 2024 convention. For a detailed explanation with screenshots, you can download this handy How-To (pdf).

We recommend that you use a fannish name for your Conline profile, ideally your badge name (if you usually put both your real name and your fannish name on convention badges, only use the fannish part). We have also prepared a detailed guide for setting up or editing your Conline profile.

If you need help with setting up a Discord account and joining our KiScon Discord server, please see our Discord walkthrough with screenshots (pdf).

What time will KiScon start and end?

We will post more information on the schedule soon. As KiScon 2024 is a hybrid convention, taking place on location in Seattle while also offering virtual programming for fans around the world, this setting comes with the challenge of balancing the many different timezones. The main con time is Pacific Time (Seattle), owing to our in-person location, but we will also offer activities that are catering to other timezones or that are timezone-independent (e.g. the vid shows can be accessed through Conline and re-played at your convenience; several of our games and competitions can be accessed online any time during the con weekend; the auction includes a silent bidding phase that allows people from all over the globe to browse the lots and place their bids comfortably). We will post a detailed overview with timezone conversion so that you can easily find your favourite panels and activities.

What is there to do at KiScon?

KiScon has lots of activities to cater for every fan. Please see our newsletters for up to the minute information regarding our program. Activities include:

Opening Ceremony, with video premieres, and ice-breaker games
Two programming tracks with panels and workshops, plus a "holo suite" track, catering to both fans of TOS and Reboot. Track 1 will be streamed via Zoom for our online attendees; track 2 is on location only. The holo suite is a virtual track that can be joined from any computer and amounts to a virtual video room for anyone wanting to watch episodes, movies and other K/S and Shatner and Nimoy related videos, and discuss them with other fans. We will also add online games to this program. This track is aimed at both online and in-person attendees.
K/S vid shows
Art show for fan-made K/S artwork
Art auction of some of the items displayed in the art show
Saturday night party
Cosplay contest
Dealer's Room for zines, and other Trek-related items
Closing Ceremony, with announcement of competition winners

How much does it cost to attend KiScon?

In order to attend KiScon, you need to purchase a KiScon membership. The rates for KiScon 2024 are:

In-Person Attending EARLY BIRD (only available until 14 Feb 2024!): $150.
In-Person Attending Regular: $165 (available 15 Feb – 31 Jul) / $180 (from 1 August 2024).
Online Attending: $25.

Dealer tables can be purchased as add-on and authorise you to offer and sell goods to our members. Physical, in-person tables are $15. Online table space is $10.

What does a KiScon membership get me?

Your In-Person Attending membership allows you to attend all panels, discussions, workshops, the vid shows, art show and art auction, and any other activities that will find their way into our programming, on location in Seattle. This includes a seat at our traditional Saturday night banquet with delicious food. You get both the physical and the digital goodie bag (download). The in-person tier also includes everything that the online tier offers.

An Online Attending membership gives you access to KiScon 2024's online programming: the vid shows, our Zoom panels and activities (live from the convention), and all the con channels on our Discord server. Join as many activities as you want. You also get the digital goodie bag (download) with the con e-zine (pdf), plus a link for the vidshows after the con, so that you can rewatch them.

Are there single day tickets to KiScon?

Since KiScon is membership-based and non-profit, there are no single day tickets to the convention. Everyone who attends KiScon is a KiScon member and can attend the convention on all three days.

I have an awesome idea for a panel, game, or other fannish activity...

That's great and we would love to hear it. Send us a message via the contact form or by email: conchairs @ kiscon . org

I have never been to a convention before and plan to come alone. Help, will I feel awkward if I don't know anyone?

KiScon is a warm and welcoming place with attendees from all over the globe. Some have been around since the earliest days of K/S, others only discovered K/S through the reboot movies, some found us via Tumblr. Con newbies are very welcome and can expect a lovely and diverse community without peer pressure. If you still feel unsure, get in touch with the concom and we will find you a con buddy among our members.

Can I still support the con even if I can't make it to the event myself?

Yes, If you can't come to Seattle and also don't want to take part in the online part of the convention, but would like to support KiScon with a donation, you can get a Supporting Membership for $10. This not only helps us run this convention as smoothly as possible, but also means you get the digital goodie bag with the vid show, the con zine, and other lovely things to download. Admittedly, that's not quite as awesome as being at the con, but you can be assured of our gratitude and appreciation. If you would like to be mentioned on the website / in the con zine on our list of supporting members, please let us know under which fannish name. Please note that this membership tier will not give you access to our in-person or online activities or the convention-exclusive Discord channels.

Can I bring my child?

Unfortunately, we can't allow minors at the convention. Our 18+ rule applies to both the in-person convention and our online spaces. Please don't bring people under 18 into our Zoom discussions, vidshow streams, or social channels. We don't want to get into legal troubles, nor do we want to censor content at the convention: all fanworks are welcome at KiScon and all topics of discussion; this might include sensitive or explicit content. Therefore we can't allow people under the age of 18 at the con.

Where can I find and follow you on social media?

KiScon is represented on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. We also post our updates and progress reports on Dreamwidth and in various K/S communities, and – of course – on our own Discord.

I only signed up for your newsletter recently. Where can I read the issues I missed?

I enjoyed the print zine library at KiScon last time. Where can I get my hands on more zines?

The fanzines you found at KiScon 2019 were a selection of Judy's personal collection, shlepped to the hotel because no matter how digital modern fandom is, the feel of a print zine in one's hands will always rock. For borrowing out-of-print zines you can get in touch with the Kirk/Spock Library that works by snail mail. The European branch is manned by one of our con-chairs and has its full catalogue online! We also recommend you get in touch with fellow fen and zine publishers Alayne and Dr. Beth — support print zines by buying them!

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