The Kirk/Spock Slash Convention

KiScon Online Code of Conduct

“I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.” – Surak

Everyone who participates in KiScon online events is subject to our Code of Conduct.

By registering for KiScon events, you affirm that you will be 18 years old on or before the day of the event.

Our code of conduct is also detailed in our Discord server under the #rules channel. We are committed to the ideals of IDIC, celebrating all of us. Suffice it to say that we remain committed to free speech, diversity, inclusion, and everything that makes fandom the place we love so much.

As a KiScon attendee, you are expected to: 

  • Be polite with one another.
  • Raise your hand in Zoom meetings and wait to be called upon.
  • Refrain from verbally offensive or aggressive statements or language.
  • Refrain from being disrespectful on the basis of gender, orientation, ability, skin colour, religion, nationality, or politics.
  • If you see someone bullying or being nasty to other attendees, please contact the concom immediately so that we can intervene.


We have tried to make the KiScon online spaces as secure as is practical, but we cannot guarantee privacy to the degree we can in an offline space. We ask attendees to be especially respectful of each other’s names, pseudonyms, pronouns, and personal information. We suggest using consistent badge names as your Zoom, Discord, and Conline handles; use badge names when introducing yourself or referring to other congoers in Discord chat or in Zoom meetings. Many of us are very careful about separating fannish from real life identities.

Recordings / Screenshots

The panels at KiScon 2022 will not be recorded by us. We want our attendees to feel comfortable during the meetings and freely express themselves, and this outweighs the possible benefit of being able to watch a panel one missed. We ask you to adhere to this and not record in any way or make screenshots of panels, chats, or Discord content. If a whiteboard is used during a Zoom meeting, e.g. to collect fic recs and links, or to create something together, the Zoom host (concom member) will save it at the end of the meeting and make it available to participants later.

Sharing and Attribution

Please feel free to talk about anything that happens here at KiScon in general terms – funny moments, interesting panels, crazy in-jokes –, but in order to protect the privacy of all our attendees, do not directly identify the person who said it in any way – not even their badge name. You may not republish another person’s written comments either from Discord or the Zoom chat without the writer’s express permission. You may paraphrase discussion or share unattributed “overheard” comments, but connecting someone’s written or spoken comments with their name or social media handle without their express permission will be treated as a violation of this policy.

While you can share media you created for or during the convention (e.g. your art or fic, or your cosplay photo), please do not share what other people posted to the chats or Discord channels.

If during the convention you have concerns about your privacy, or about any other behaviour that contravenes the Code of Conduct – or that you’re concerned about for some other reason – you can get in touch with the concom. There will be a concom volunteer on duty in the Discord server during all hours of scheduled programming during the convention. You can @admin in Discord with any questions or issues; if you’d rather have a private discussion, you can reach out to the concom at concom @ kiscon . org and someone will get back to you.


The concom, the panel moderators, and the Discord moderators are all volunteers. We have tried our very best to bring you quality programming across as many time zones as we could accomplish. We welcome all constructive criticism, but please keep in mind that the concom is made up of people.

There are a few cookies involved when you use our website, to make your browsing experience better. However, we do not have any targeted ad content here, and we don't analyse site traffic because our webmaster has better things to do (e.g. write K/S fic). We anonymise requests to third party servers, so no user-identifying information will be shared when you click on a link to an external website.

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