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KiScon is honoured to host the Philon Awards. Established by Jenna Sinclair and Shelley Butler in 1997, they were an annual event organised by The K/S Press to honour outstanding authors and artists in K/S fandom. With the permission and support of Jenna and Shelley, KiScon is resuming this beautiful tradition.

Philon Awards 2023 Winners
(officially announced on 5 Nov 2023, at KiScon)

Short fic
(word count under 10K):
🏆 Gold: Spock 🖖 by vaksur & WerewolvesAreReal 🏆
Silver: One In A Myriad of Little Dwelling Places by CampySpaceSlime

Long fic (word count 10K-50K):
🏆 Gold: Red is by spirkme 🏆 (ex aequo)
Gold: Rain Dogs by gunstreet 🏆 (ex aequo)
Gold: Milk and Honey by spaceisgay (ChancellorGriffin) 🏆 (ex aequo)
Silver: Untouched by SButler

Novella/novel (word count over 50K):
🏆 Gold: First, Best Destiny, Part Two by Ophelia_j 🏆
Silver: Time After Time by spaceisgay (ChancellorGriffin)

🏆 Gold: Communicators Can’t Scan (or, how Jim Kirk learned to stop worrying and love the Vulcanese) by 1lostone 🏆 (ex aequo)
Gold: Injured by 1lostone 🏆 (ex aequo)
Silver: Interior Harmony by 1lostone

Traditional art:
🏆 Gold: Marooned? Honeymoon? Honeymarooned? by subterraneanna 🏆
Silver: Spock by the Pool by SButler

Digital art:
🏆 Gold: The Meddling Captain (Comic) by lorvee 🏆
Silver: Heaven… when I held you again. How could we ever just be friends? by BataSann

🏆 Gold: The Mountains I Climb by USS_Queertastic 🏆
Silver: Come Home With Me by ForFucksSakeJim

🏆 Gold: The AOS Renaissance Zine 🏆
Silver: Legends #10 by Dovya Blacque (Ed.)

Philon Awards 2023 Shortlist
(in alphabetical order of the title; shortlist based on the results of the nominations phase)

Short fic (word count under 10K):

Long fic
(word count 10K-50K):

(word count over 50K):


Traditional art:

Digital art:



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