KiScon is honoured to host the Philon Awards. Established by Jenna Sinclair and Shelley Butler in 1997, they were an annual event organised by The K/S Press to honour outstanding authors and artists in K/S fandom. With the permission and support of Jenna and Shelley, KiScon is resuming this beautiful tradition.

Philon Awards 2023 Shortlist
(in alphabetical order of the title; shortlist based on the results of the nominations phase)

Short fic (word count under 10K):

Long fic
(word count 10K-50K):

(word count over 50K):


Traditional art:

Digital art:




  • Voting is open from 10 September to 1 November, 2023 (11:59 p.m. EDT). You do not need to be a registered KiScon member in order to vote; voting is open to every K/S fan.
  • In each category there will be a Gold (first place) and a Silver (second place) winner.
  • The winners will be announced during KiScon 2023 (3-5 Nov). Each winner will receive a certificate and a small prize; we will contact the winners after the convention weekend.
  • You need to be logged into your Google account in order to submit the voting form; this ensures that people do not vote multiple times for the same work. If we suspect sockpuppet activity, we will get in touch for clarification. We keep the voting process completely confidential! Only the KiScon concom will see the submitted forms.
  • In each category you can pick one work.
  • You can submit the form only once, but you can edit your responses if you need to add or change something (just follow the link in the email you receive after submitting the form). You cannot edit your responses after voting has closed, so make sure you have picked your favourite in all categories that are important to you.
  • Yes, you *can* vote for your own work(s). We won't judge you. ;-)

You can fill in the voting sheet embedded below, or (if your device does not display it properly) you can find it at this link.

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